Sun and The Spa

Sun and The Spa

Mae West once said that too much of a good thing can be wonderful, and I generally believe this to be true, unless that good thing is sun exposure. While golden rays can feel fantastic and lift one’s mood, overexposure is known to cause a whole array of skin problems. Your skin is your largest and most luminous body part and, when the summer heat hits, it needs a bit of extra care and protection.

Beat the Heat

One of the best ways to avoid sun exposure is to go inside, especially during the high points of the day. Even when you are vacationing in our beautiful city, it is a good idea to duck inside for lunch, take a walk through the art museum, or retreat into the shade with a book and an icy glass of water. This is a great time to visit us for a refreshing midday massage, body wrap, or facial.

Dress to Protect

Earlier this spring, the world’s eyes gazed upon the romance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s gorgeous wedding ceremony. My heart was aflame with the tradition and glamour, but my creative mind was truly the most inspired by the statement hats. One needs not be British or royal to enjoy a wide-brimmed statement hat. I believe that such an accessory adds a bit of mystery to an ordinary day. It also protects your gorgeous face, and keeps your visage fresh and young for season after sunny season.

Engage the Arsenal

Skin care is self-care, and you really just can’t be too careful when you’re battling UV Rays. This year, I fell in love with IMAGE skincare’s PREVENTION+ line. Their daily SPF hydrating moisturizers are fuss free, and provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection. These simple day products spread evenly and layer well with other skin products, setting a smooth base for one’s busy day, and are appropriate for many skin types. Another new favorite we’ve seen in our spa is the Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF, a dry sunscreen, which is a godsend for anyone concerned about feeling heavy or clogging their pores. Jane Iredale has long been providing sun protection in all foundations, making us here, at the Regency Spa, feel incredibly safe and beautiful.

If you are looking for advice on proactive sun protection, or for ways to help repair damaged skin, our expert aesthetics team would love to meet you. Call us today to schedule a facial!

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