Full Spectrum Hemp Products

For years, we have considered ourselves a green spa, and have proudly led with healthy, natural services and enticing, earth friendly products. With our roll out of Farmhouse Fresh products this spring, green is taking on a whole new meaning here at The Regency Spa: We are delighted to unveil an assortment of full spectrum hemp products!

Farmhouse Fresh uses an exclusive strain of cannabis sativa grown in Kentucky, developed specially to contain a high concentration of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids, which means the whole oil (derived from all parts of the plant) is present in the products, providing all of the possible therapeutic benefits of full spectrum hemp oil and absolutely no cognitive impairment.

Mellow Moon Dip

When you pull up the lid on the generously-sized jar, you find a sumptuous body mousse that seems almost good enough to eat, with its tantalizing citrus notes and velvety texture. You’ll have to refrain because the soothing full body moisturize makes you feel better than any lemon meringue ever could. You can relieve your sore muscles from shoulders to toes with the fast absorbing whipped mousse, and you may find that your tired mind follows your body into a delighted and relaxed state.

Supremely Lit

Taking the classic serum to new heights, this facial hydration powerhouse delivers abundant omega fatty acids, antioxidants and calming dose of their exclusive hemp oil to soften and plump up that outer layer of skin. It’s got an uplifting berry scent to brighten your spirits while it brightens and smoothes your beautiful face. It is appropriate for day and night use and a variety of skin types.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing service, a luxurious gift, or a perfect product for your self-care regimen, we are proud to serve Portland, Maine residents and visitors alike. With our luxurious menu of massages and facials, and cutting edge new products, it’s easy being greener than ever!

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