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Peppermint Pain Relief

Our classic full body Swedish Massage with eucalyptus peppermint massage oil, paired with essential oil infused hot towels, an upper back, neck and shoulder target work finished with a peppermint pain relief balm.  This service is completed with an herbal mint foot massage. Take home an exclusive Spa gift!

80 minutes | $199

Featuring all natural Red Flower body products

Omega Renewal Massage

Enjoy an 80 minute full body retreat complete with a nutrient rich fresh berry omega Swedish massage.  Feel renewed with a bioactive berry white peat exfoliating back scrub with hot towels. An ionizing revitalizing flower mist sets the stage for a scalp and decollete enhancing massage using a collagen boosting rose renewal serum.  Leave feeling relaxed, renewed and refreshed.*

80 minutes | $190

Featuring FarmHouse Fresh body products

Blushing Agave and Honey Butter Massage

This service starts with a full body dry exfoliation, releasing dead skin cells and minimizing the appearance of cellulite.  Next, enjoy pure relaxation as you are massaged deeply with a nourishing organic sunflower seed oil scented with notes of cherry and coconut milk.  Lastly, feet and hands are painted with a golden honey butter serum, made with certified organic honey, sunflower seed and coconut oil and cocooned in hot towels for deep penetration.* 

80 minutes | $190

The perfect way to relax...

Relax Massage

...our classic Swedish massage.

80 minutes | $160 50 minutes | $120

Relax with results...

Percussive Deep Tissue Massage for Pain Relief

This targeted treatment focuses on your specific areas of concern. It combines Swedish Massage with fascial & percussive tool to help break up adhesions (knots), while aiding in the reduction of soreness & pain. This cutting edge treatment offers the relaxation of a Swedish Massage with the deep work of a Sports Therapy Massage. A wintergreen pain relief oil is used to help calm muscles & a peppermint frankincense balm is used on specific areas to calm tight muscles.

80 minutes | $225

Featuring FarmHouse Fresh body products

Botanical Massage

Drift away with this intensely relaxing service featuring a fast absorbing full spectrum Hi-Bio hemp oil with CBD. Paired with hot stones and a full body citrus cilantro Swedish massage, this service provides the perfect escape. Hot stones placed on the curve of your back help loosen up tense muscles while back, neck and shoulders are layered with this warming hemp oil. This service is completed when a citrus scented hemp body mousse is massaged into hands and feet for a hydrating, antioxidant rich, restorative treatment.*  

80 minutes | $190

Experience the benefits of Himalayan salt stones

Detox Massage

Heated Himalayan salt stones, designed to balance and neutralize the toxic frequencies we experience in everyday life, are paired with a ginger eucalyptus aromatherapy oil to help support a healthy respiratory system, relieve anxiety, lightly exfoliate the skin and promote a deep relaxation.  This service is finished with an herbal foot massage.  *limited availability for couples treatment

80 minutes | $190

*Includes a Spa product to enjoy at home!

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